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What should I do if my client has a medical condition?

In all cases where clients have pre-existing medical conditions, you must take them through the medical screening process on the system.  

The following simple steps outline what you’ll need to do.  

1 On the Travel Client Summary screen you will need to ask the underwriting criteria questions.  If any answer is YES you will need to add the medical condition(s).

2 ALL medical conditions disclosed must be searched for in the database.  You can search using ‘starts with’ or ‘contains’ using as little as 2 letters of the full or part of the name of the medical condition e.g. using ‘starts with’ entering ‘as’ will allow you to find asthma and using ‘contains’ entering ‘bl’ would allow you to find ‘high blood pressure’.  You will then be directed through a question set (if relevant) for that condition and any linked conditions and shown either an ACCEPT or EXCLUDE decision for each condition.  

3 Once all conditions have been screened, you should press the “Underwrite Medical Condition” hyperlink on screen. This should only be done once all medical conditions have been added.  The decision can then be advised to your client.It is important not to advise your customer of a decision before this time as the underwriting result for individual medical conditions may change during the course of a screening due to the affect of other conditions disclosed.

If you have any queries or problems whilst carrying out a medical screening, please call the Aviva Travel team on 0345 6014042. Calls may be recorded and/or monitored.

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