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Can a No Claims Discount (NCD) earned overseas be used on a Personal Lines motor policy?

No Claims Discount can only be accepted where it has been earned in the following countries - refer sections (1), (2) and (3) below:

(1) European Union (EU) and European Economic Area (EEA) -


 Austria  Belguim  Bulgaria  Croatia  Cyprus-South (Republic of Cyprus)  Czech Republic
 Denmark  Eire  Estonia  Finland  France  Germany
 Greece  Holland  Hungary  Iceland  Italy  Latvia
 Liechtenstein  Lithuania  Luxembourg  Malta  Netherlands  Norway
 Poland  Portugal  Republic of Cyprus (South)  Republic of Ireland  Romania  San Marino
 Slovakia  Slovenia  Spain  Sweden    

(2) Countries which the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) allow an exchange of Driving Licence (known as 'designated countries') -

 Andorra  Australia  Barbados  British Virgin Islands  Canada  Falkland Islands
 Faroe Islands  Gibralta  Hong Kong  Japan  Monaco  New Zealand
 Republic of Korea (South)  Singapore  South Africa  Switzerland  Zimbabwe  

(3) Plus:

- United States of America.

- NCD proof* from the following countries can also be accepted: Anguilla, Bermuda, Cayman Islands, Montserrat plus Turks and Caicos Islands (they are all part of the 'British Overseas Territories').

o NCD that has been earned beyond the above countries is NOT acceptable.

o The Broker/customer should be advised that a copy of the NCD proof* maybe required, and this will need to be translated into English.

o If requested, and the necessary criteria is met, Protected NCD can be allowed.

In the following situations; where NCD has been earned beyond our acceptable list of countries these can be considered subject to full information/details:

o An 'ex pat' (short for 'expatriate') - essentially a UK citizen who has been working or living overseas but who is returning to the UK.

o An Aviva issued motor insurance policy.

o A member of the UK Armed Forces returning to the UK following a period of time being stationed and living abroad.

*This needs to contain certain important information, including:

§ Should be on official company headed paper.

§ Be in the name of the policyholder.

§ Number of NCD years.

§ Details of any claims.

§ Policy expired/expiry date.

§ Where necessary an English translation is required alongside the original version - the translation should be by an authorised/sworn translator the appropriate seal/signature of authenticity.

§ Contact details of the Insurance Company, including: Telephone number, Email address, Fax number and Postal address.

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