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What are the requirements for minimum security locks on a household policy?

This is the clause which will apply in postcodes where a minimum standard of security is required.

Clause - C115 Security Condition

We will not be liable for loss or damage by theft or attempted theft from the private dwelling unless:

a. The following security devices are fitted and put into operation whenever the private dwelling is left unattended. 
1. Either
* A lock approved to BS3621 or
* A mortice deadlock of at least 5 levers or
* A rim automatic deadlatch with a key-locking handle on the inside or
* A key-operated multi-point locking system with at least three fixing points and a lock cylinder with at least five pins to the main entrance door. 
2. Key-operated security devices top and bottom in addition to existing locks or a lock to the standard in (a) above to all other external doors except sliding patio doors. 
3. A key-operated patio door lock mounted internally on the centre rail(s) or protection to the standard in (b) above to sliding patio doors.
4. Key-operated security devices to all opening windows and skylights on the ground floor and those which are accessible on other floors.
b. All keys are removed from locks and placed out of sight when the private dwelling is left unattended.
c. External windows as described in paragraph 1(d) and all external doors are secured as above where your household has retired for the night except windows in occupied bedrooms which may be left open for ventilation.
Alternative security devices are not acceptable unless we have given our written agreement.

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