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What are the Single Article Limits (SAL) on a household policy?

These limits differ between our Home Plus and Your House products, see below. The limits for personal belongings are in respect of all items, not just valuables.

Home Plus SAL limits

Contents Valuables 5% of sum insured or £2,000, whichever is greater

Personal Belongings £2,000 - £4,999 = £1,500

£5,000 or over = £2,500 (but this limit doesn't apply to garages)

Contents section valuables limit 1/3 of Contents sum insured


Your House SAL limits

Contents Valuables £2,000

Personal belongings £1,500

Contents section valuables limit 1 or 2 bedrooms - £8,000

3 bedrooms - £10,000

4 bedrooms - £12,500



1. Any Personal Belongings exceeding the single article limit need to be specified.

2. If the contents valuables limit is exceeded try the Home Plus product.

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