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Can Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG's) cars be covered under any of our motor Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) policies?

This is a mixture of hydrocarbon gases which is used as a fuel to power vehicles. This can run along side using a separate fuel reservoir, an existing petrol engine or as the sole fuel source. This type of fuel is considered to be greener, cleaner and cheaper. The conversion to LPG is generally carried out as a modification after the vehicle has already been built. However some manufacturers, including Citroen, Subaru and Vauxhall, offer a small number of models which have been assembled with a LPG system from new. LPG systems need to be fitted by professionally qualified technicians, this is to ensure the safe and proper fitment is adhered to, previously they should have been accredited by the LPGA (Liquid Petroleum Gas Association). These were superceded in January 2008 by UKPLG. Any conversion to LPG needs to be supported by a certificate from one of these bodies. The one exception to this is for genuine manufacturer fitted systems. Rating Manufacturer fitted systems - these models should be available to select from Exceed and can be selected at normal terms. Modification - select the relevant vehicle from Exceed as normal, but a 5% loading needs to be applied.

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