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Help support your charity’s project all year round

The national Aviva Community Fund competition opens each September giving everyone in the UK the opportunity to secure funds for their local charitable projects.

But we want the Community Fund to mean so much more than the money. Because of this, we’re offering brokers and your charities exclusive opportunities throughout the entire year to access even more support that could really make a difference. Find out how you can benefit from this extra support below, we can’t wait to hear from you soon.

Use our Volunteering Days

Use our Volunteering Days

Charities often have all manner of jobs that require a bit of manpower to get them done.

They can be reliant on people volunteering their time for activities, be it wielding a paint brush, chopping down trees or baking cakes.

Ask your charity if they need to get a task done, then tell us (Word 25KB) and we’ll do our best to provide the people.

We’d love to have our sales teams and underwriters out there supporting you – much could be achieved just from donating time.

Use our Mentor Skills

Whilst an organisation might be a charity, they often face similar issues to those of small businesses.

If there is a reliance on volunteers, charities may also suffer from gaps in skill sets that could help them achieve greater success.

We’d like to help. If your charity needs professional help from legal, HR, IT or Marketing teams for example, let us know (Word 26KB) and we’ll try to match them up with an expert. We can’t guarantee take-up, but we’ll certainly promote it.

A worthwhile project

Use our Toolkits

Regardless of whether Aviva is able to donate funding to your project, there may be other companies or individuals in your local community that want to help… …except, they don’t know about it!

View our various toolkits on promoting your project. Getting coverage of your Aviva Community Fund efforts is also a great way to showcase your businesses corporate responsibility too.

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