Aviva Community Fund – ACF 2018 Top Tips

Rally your community

2017 broker winners, Graham from Northumbrian Blood Bikes share his tips alongside other Community Fund winners on how to raise awareness about your supported project.


My top tip for this year’s entrants is just to shamelessly plug your application on social media.

Get it out to your followers, by using Instagram, social media as in Facebook, Twitter, all of these platforms and get it out to as many people as you can, and ask them to like and share.

Keep it fresh, making sure it’s in people’s minds all the time. It’s OK having it on for one day but if it goes off the next day people don’t look at it.

Pester people, don’t let them go until they’ve voted for you.

Contact people who might help you, local MPs, local councillors and local celebrities.

Make it light, make it real, make it about real people and real items.

Go and look at previous winners, see what they did, what their submissons were like.

Maybe you know a celebrity? We are lucky enough to have a parent who’s the DJ, Johnny Doom, he’s absolutely brilliant and with his 100,000 followers on Facebook pushed our campaign.

Make sure that you get across your passion for the cause and how much you care about it.

So don’t pitch for something just for the sake of pitching, or just to get money. Pitch for something you feel passionate about, and when you speak from the heart usually the funders understand and the funders back you.

Don’t think that your project is too small, too big, too complicated, too local – anybody with a project, however big, reach for your dreams, you know just go for it!