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The Aviva Broker Community Fund offers you the opportunity to apply for support and funding for a local cause you care about in your community. Since 2010, we've award more than £1.3m to broker nominated projects. Its our way of recognising the ways you and your business go the extra mile to support your community by helping you to make even more of a difference to them together.

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The 2020 broker awards programme has currently been postponed but keep watching here and in our regular communications for updates.

Real Communities, Real Winners

Watch the video below to see how previous Broker Community Fund winner, James Hallam, supported their local project Watford Sheltered Workshop to win funding for their new workshop floor.


Linda We are a charity that help disabled people get into work, and also to improve their skills and paid employment to such a wide variety of disabilities. We came across Paul and James Hallam when we were doing some community work. He comes to all the board meetings, but also, he's our go-to man if we need to worry about any insurance issues.

Paul The workshop have been busting at the seams for years and years. It just felt like a natural thing to put an application into the community fund, and to see where we went with it. We were lucky enough to secure the funding which really enabled us to kick off the build of the mezzanine this year.

Glyn I communicate with the deaf people that work here. It gives deaf people an opportunity to be in full-time employment, rather than just be stuck at home and isolated. People who work here get so much support that they wouldn't get in main stream.

Speaker 4: I hope to learn some more skills. Today I'm doing packing.

Speaker 5: I've been here for a year now. This is my first job ever in my life, working here. It's really friendly environment here. Everybody is really nice and respect each other. When I came here, I learn new skills. I've build up more confidence that I can do it.

Speaker 6: We can't speak English as well, so we learn here [laughs]

Linda: We teach a load of stuff. We teach things like Maths, IT skills, well-being, health and safety. The people we have here want to do the job. It's not a case of just getting in and out the door. We've had customers before saying you're doing it too well. [laughs]

We don't have any other mode. We either do it well, or we don't do it.

Stuart Everyday, coming in here to work, it does encourage me. I come here at 7:30am, and these guys are here waiting, queuing up to do their day’s work.

James: People who are supported here have all sorts of different conditions, and everyone's needs can be catered to, and the ultimate aim here is to get people to move into unsupported employment.

Linda: We were saying about we needed to raise funds and Paul said, "I know there's this fund. I'll have a go." We were so amazed that we won because there were so many great charities when we came to your event.

Paul: The mezzanine has been something I think the workshop I've been planning to do for six or seven, maybe more years, but never really had the funding to kick it off.

Ronnie: Everybody seems to have got a new lease of life. It's lifted everybody.

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