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We’ve created this hub to help you find the latest Coronavirus (COVID-19) information from Aviva, all in one place.

The below section details the impact of COVID-19 on Aviva Insurance policies in response to some of your most frequently asked questions. They’ve been dated to help you find our latest position as we’ve been updating our policy coverage based on your feedback and we’ll continue to do so as things progress.

In the other tabs you’ll find useful information and operational updates plus some of the additional business support we’ve created for you and your clients.

We hope you find this useful.

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Here is where you’ll find other initiatives that we are putting in place to support you and your business during this difficult time.


Our recent webinars have been focused on keeping you up to date and supporting you and your business in overcoming some of today’s challenges. You’ll find all the details of the sessions that you can watch on demand below.

Watch again - Sharing Broker Experiences During COVID-19 webinar

In these unprecedented times it is easy to feel isolated and unsure about what’s best for your business. To share some common themes and ideas we brought a group of brokers together to discuss their experiences of running their organisations during COVID-19. The discussion covers the challenges their businesses have faced and how they’ve tackled them, as well as looking to the future.

Hosted by: Mark Williams, Learning and Development Consultant, chaired by Andrew Scott from Andrew Scott Business Consultancy and featuring brokers from Woodward Markwell Insurance Brokers & Financial Advisers, Financial Affairs Limited, Adler Insurance Group, Saffron Insurance and Newstead Insurance Brokers.

In this webinar, we covered:

  • Challenges faced by brokers from across the industry and how they’ve overcome them.
  • Things that have worked well for their businesses during the pandemic.
  • Things to consider when you’re planning ahead.
  • Opinions from them around what may happen in the next 12 months from a financial perspective.

Watch the webinar here (59 min)

Watch again - Navigating HR during COVID-19 webinar

As we adapt to new ways of working and business practices, there are a number of HR challenges that can emerge as employees and employers reflect and act on government advice.

Hosted by: Mark Williams, Learning and Development Consultant, John Nutter, Learning and Development Manager and Kate Foreman – Director of HR & Training at RWA Group.

In this webinar, we covered:

  • Furlough: what it is and what it isn’t.
  • Managing home working.
  • Health & safety at home.
  • Dealing with annual leave issues.
  • Useful resources and further information.

Watch the webinar here (59 min)

Watch again - Cyber Security and Homeworking webinar

Hosted by: Mark Williams, Learning and Development Consultant and Pete Holmes, Senior Risk Consultant at Aviva.

In this webinar, we covered:

  • How cyber criminals are developing complex and targeted scams.
  • What you should be looking out for online.
  • Preventative steps that you and your business can take to stay protected online - MFA, removable media, encryption etc.
  • What to consider when you're working from home.

Watch the webinar here (59 min)

Watch again - Effective homeworking webinar

Hosted by: Mark Williams, Learning and Development Consultant and Debbie Bullock, Wellbeing Lead at Aviva

In this webinar, we covered some of the common challenges associated with working from home. Mark and Debbie covered:

  • How to effectively manage your time.
  • Prioritisation techniques.
  • Avoiding distractions.
  • Self-organisation.
  • Communication and connectivity.
  • Protecting against the feeling of isolation.
  • Managing your mental and physical wellbeing

Watch the webinar here (59m)

Watch again - Effectively managing a team remotely

Hosted by: Mark Williams, Learning and Development Consultant at Aviva

In this webinar, Mark covered some top tips and actionable insights to help you effectively manage your team during this period of sustained homeworking. The topics incuded:

  • Trust and independency.
  • Effective communication channels.
  • How to maintain motivation throughout your team.
  • Planning, workloads and prioritisation.
  • Ten top tips to take away today.

Watch the webinar here (57m)

Watch again - Coronavirus and Pandemic Planning webinar

Hosted by: Peter Holmes, Senior Risk Consultant at Aviva

To provide some support for you and your businesses during this difficult period, we recently hosted a Loss Prevention Standard webinar. In the hour-long session, Peter provided a detailed look and expert insight into Pandemic Planning and the Coronavirus.

The topics covered were:

  • How businesses can create a solid pandemic plan.
  • How to suitably measure potential impact.
  • Communication with staff, customers, suppliers and the media.
  • Best practice advice to help protect businesses during a Pandemic.

Watch the webinar here (1hr 17m)

If there are any areas that you would like us to cover in future webinars, please let us know by contacting:

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