Personal Best


What is Personal Best from Aviva?

Personal Best is our way of offering brokers’ customers access to special offers usually only found in the direct marketplace, giving you more choice of how to trade with us. The system is easily accessed online through the Aviva Broker website.

Personal Best from Aviva has been developed based on what you, the brokers, have been telling us you wanted. It’s not a completely integrated solution – this is because we’re giving you access to a broker version of our direct website where the functionality is clearly aimed at the end customer. It’s important to be aware that Personal Best won’t suit everyone.

Please note that it is not available to customers in Northern Ireland.

If you don’t yet have access to Personal Best from Aviva, speak to your business development manager who can arrange this for you.

Important Contacts for existing Personal Best users

Broker Personal Lines Support

If you need help processing any of our Personal Best, EDI or Personal e-Services policies, whether it be underwriting or technical support, please contact your dedicated Broker Personal Lines team.

Commissions team

For commission queries: 01603 603 771

For any other queries please contact your business development manager.


Personal Best

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Claims team

For car insurance claims, call 0844 891 1111

For home insurance claims, call 0844 891 1222

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