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Speeding up motor claims - Faster engineer inspections

Over the past few months we've been changing the way we schedule inspections for vehicles repaired outside of the Aviva approved network.

With all the benefits that using our network brings, it's our aim that your customers use our approved network who are authorised to start repairs straight away. However we know that your customers sometimes want to use their own garage, and when they do, we'll need to inspect the vehicle before repairs can begin - it's this element of the process that we've speeded up.

What changes have we made?

When the damaged vehicle has been booked into the non-approved repairer by the customer and is ready for inspection, your or your customer simply need to phone us and have the following details to hand -

  • the inspection location
  • garage booking-in date
  • estimate details

Whilst you or your customer are on the phone, our claims team (who have access to a scheduling tool) will now provide a date by when the inspection will be done. So your customer will know exactly what’s happening and when.

Right person in the right place at the earliest opportunity

The new scheduling tool's flexibility is a real plus as it will review all the inspections on the system to ensure the best placed Engineer is dispatched to carry out the inspection.

Did you know?

Once a job is in the scheduler, jobs move between diaries until the system is satisfied that each job will be seen within the SLA by the best person for that individual job. (that's why we can't provide an exact inspection date during the first call)

For commercial customers, we appreciate that time is money. That's why we make sure that inspections on commercial and fee earning vehicles are completed within 48 hours. If the vehicle is already off the road and booked into the repairer, the 48 hours will start from midnight as the engineer will already have work booked for the current day.

When the inspection has been allocated to the Engineer, the date will not move, unless it's cancelled by the customer or garage - eg. if the vehicle is not at the repairer, or the customer is not available for home / work address inspections. If an inspection is cancelled, we'll contact your customer to reschedule so that it's carried out within the SLA from the re-scheduled date. The Engineer will always call the day before the inspection to ensure the vehicle is available.

Quicker turnaround!

These changes have meant a reduction in vehicle inspections times. Inspections have been taking place within an average of 3 working days of Aviva receiving all the information we need to schedule the job.

Did you know?

Even during the severe weather period, inspections have still been taking place within 3 working days of Aviva being advised of the repairer details, the garage booking-in date and the estimate!

Want to know more? Please contact Lilian Baxter, Broker Relationship Manager -, or Alistair Campbell, Service Delivery Manager -

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